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Home computer technology services provided at your home or business and supporting Merseyside. As well as expert computer services, support for all home devices is also given. Tablets, phones, Wi-Fi, printers, Smart TV and networking services supported. It’s surprising by how much home technology PC Kings support. Just ask as the technical knowledge is wide.

MAC & PC Repair

All computer brands & models supported with specialisms in repair, upgrade and maintenance. All services designed to keep all your devices running optimally.

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Laptop Repair

Expert knowledge of all components to restore any issue you may have. Screen cracks, broken hinges, keyboard, memory, motherboard or battery issues resolved.

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Phone Repair

Phones are now our portable computers so it’s important to keep these devices running. Trusted transfer services, picture restores or battery replacement.

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Tablet Repair

Apple, Android, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon or Google, all supported. Broken screens, battery, button, sockets or access to files or apps all restored rapidly.

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Internet Services

The amount of the connected devices at home is expanding and we support them. Weak Wi-Fi, TV streaming services, wireless printer, security & other device setups.

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Console Repair

All brands and models supported solving corrupt hard drive or systems, account access, cracked screens, broken controllers, wires, connections or batteries.

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Home computer and technology support services. All repairs, upgrades, maintenance, system setups, and testing services. Offering excellent services aimed on great customer satisfaction.

Having work done at your home can be inconvenient but we work hard to minimise disruption to your day.  Mainly offering on-site services, you can also bring your devices to us if you prefer.  With enhanced DBS checks, expertise and well prepared to provide trusted services within in your home or premises.

Faulty laptop, repair services


Most faults can be quickly repaired to restoring your devices/systems back to normal.  Our clear explanations will give you increased knowledge and confidence to use your devices efficiently and more effectively.  Full reports on your issues provide confidence in the work carried out and choosing PC Kings services.

If taken back to the workshop, you will be updated during the whole process. Knowing your equipment is progressing and when to expect it back.  We will diagnose, setup and advise on all issues found.

Laptop Maintenance, laptop repair services


To keep your devices running at their efficiently, we can perform regular checks.  As part of the maintenance, we will check:

overall performance
software updates
components working correctly
clean equipment inside and out

A report will be handed to highlight issues, work carried out, advise of any upgrades or attention and to pass devices as working correctly.  This is included with annual support contracts with a suitable dates arranged to complete the maintenance.

Computer upgrade services


All upgrades will make your devices faster and add extra years of service.  Upgrading offers cheaper fixes, compared to buying new devices.  Trust the expertise of PC Kings to offer the best upgrade options and choices to match your needs & budget.  Improve hard drives, memory, processor, video cards, motherboards & power supplies.

The most popular upgrade at the moment is replacing your hard drive to a Solid State Drive. Replaces a mechanical device to one without moving parts, similar to a USB drive inside your device.  10 times faster and starts Windows 10 within 10 seconds. Microsoft stopped support of Windows 7 so it’s vital you upgrade to Windows 8 or 10 as soon as possible.

Storage media, USB, hard drive, restore services

Data & System Restore

Have you got broken USB drives, PC, laptop or systems stopping you from opening important, or sentimental files?

Don’t throw away your USB drives, memory or systems thinking you’ve lost it forever.  Give PC Kings a call to restore your data and systems.  Once restored, we will advise you of the best backup procedures to match your needs.

Services Available

All fixes are guaranteed for 3 months and new hardware comes with a minimum of 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

If the same fault occurs, we will be happy to come out and fix it for free.  See terms & conditions.  We are sure of our services will match your expectations.  Come give us a try, you’ll be glad you did.  More services we offer are listed below:

Computer, laptop, tablet, phone

  • All Microsoft, Apple and Android devices and software supported
  • Most components repaired, replaced or upgraded
  • Full maintenance (Dust removal, virus/malware checks, full system cleans)
  • All device operating system repairs, installs & upgrades
  • Cracked screen replacements
  • Virus, malware removal
  • Software fixes, installations & setup
  • All works designed to get the best performance from your devices & systems
  • Recommendations for improvement


  • Setup best way for your needs
  • Any issues diagnosed and restored


  • Signal problems
  • Streaming services
  • SMART connectivity
  • Setup from box to wall

Small Networks

  • Wiring issues and installations
  • Connectivity issues
  • Home broadband issues
  • Wi-Fi diagnosis or setup


  • File or system recovery
  • Restore pictures, videos music from broken USB, hard drives or inaccessible devices or systems
  • Implement and configure backup procedures
  • Security procedures (virus, protection and encryption)

Technical Training

  • Best use of systems
  • Microsoft Office packages
  • Windows, Apple, Android familiarisation
  • Advice sessions to make best use of your devices


  • Onsite
  • Remote
  • Emergency

Setup and Testing

  • All technical systems setup for offices, shows, seminars, shops, etc…
  • Testing services to ensure equipment is fully operational