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Effective computer upgrades to make your devices and services faster

Computer Upgrades, PC upgrades, Laptop Upgrades

If your computer becomes slow or not working as good as it was, a PC upgrade is often not the first choice next to replacement. Replacing it with a new one will certainly resolve slow access but it’s not the cheapest solution.  There are many cheaper options available to make your once slow computers into faster PC’s to match today’s technology.  We have a wide range of computer upgrades and laptop upgrades available to get you back up working as efficient as you can.

Depending on what type of computer you have, will determine the different types of computer upgrades available.  All options available are provided giving you a number of upgrades for you to choose from.  Recommendations are provided with advice to best suit your needs to make your choices less worrying.

There are a few rare instances where upgrades can be quite expensive, and replacement is more appropriate.  We will always advise if this is the case so you will always be advised in the right direction.

Best Computer upgrades

  • Hard drive to solid-state drives
  • Increase internal storage capacity
  • RAM memory
  • Main processor
  • Video card
  • Power supply
  • Motherboard
  • Case or fans
  • Any other components or installation of hardware

Software Upgrades

  • Windows, iOS or Android upgrades
  • Firmware, BIOS
  • Newer software version installs
  • Office 365 migrations
  • Platform migrations (Software or online)

All upgrades are offered on all brands of computers, laptops and all versions of iMac and MacBooks so call us to support for all your devices. With a wide knowledge and technical skill, we support most system platforms and software versions. Read the blog for advice if your computer becomes slow. There may be many reasons why your computer becomes slow but we offer a full range of repair, upgrade and maintenance services to match your needs.

To arrange a good time to proceed with a computer upgrade, it’s recommended to discuss options available or make an appointment using the online booking system.