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About Technology Journey to First Class Community Support

Read about the manager and where it started. From an early curiosity in technology to the forming of the home computer repair & technology support company providing trusted services for the community.


Early Years

Can you imagine a time when the internet, mobile phones & tablets didn’t exist? This was when my interest in technology began. I received a portable cassette tape player one Christmas.  These were very popular during the 70’s until the 90’s when recordable CD’s were introduced.

Tape Cassette Player, about, Computer repair, technology support
Tape Cassette Recorder

Amazed and curious how this small plastic box could reproduce any recorded sound. So curious, I searched my Dads toolbox and took a screwdriver to it. Opening it up, revealing the box of secrets, I discovered many things.  Most surprised by it still working when screwed back together. Since then, my curiosity and interest in technology grew. An experience of taking things apart and working things out led my interest towards fixing devices. To this day, the sense of achievement of fixing anything, takes me back to the tape player day.

About Manager

Image of PC Kings Manager, Steven King

The manager, Steven King has always had a keen interest in technology with all job roles having close links towards it. Growing up watching TV shows such as Magpie, How, & Tomorrows World, learnt how things worked and amazed with upcoming technologies. Enjoy watching the Gadget Show and BBC’s Click to gain access on new tech. Is also an avid movie buff watching several films in all genres (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy & Action are faves) on a wind down.

A keen DIY enthusiast always working on home improvement projects with biggest project of a fitted kitchen. With most DIY jobs tackled such as Plastering, fixing and laying floors, wall partitions and improving ceilings. After work has finished, he likes to have a complete break from the technology and visit the Lake District or Snowdonia. Walking up random mountains, through forests, canoeing downstream or over a lake, taking in a lot of Vitamin N – nature.

About Career and Experience

Career began in college for 3 years in Electronic Servicing and worked for an alarm company on a production line. Working up to technical manager testing, servicing and designing alarm systems. The role changed to 24-hour call out which is what I really enjoyed meeting people and fixing their alarm systems.  10 years in the electronics field developed my hardware fixing skills.

Soon after a 2 year diploma in computers, I started work as a school computer technician providing technology support. It wasn’t long before becoming network manager, I developed my role and diverse tech skills over the 21 years I was there.  Managing projects, teams and all technical devices and technology support over different school sites, I expanded the knowledge of computers and all related devices and services.

With volunteering roles with RNIB (Technology visitor) and a local walking group (Web & Communications) grew my knowledge further.  Working with the RNIB, visiting clients at home, I relived the joy of meeting people, being mobile, and fixing devices.  It was this that sparked the idea of providing in home and on-site technology support for all that require it.

About Company Beginnings

The company established in April 2019 was formed to bring affordable and easy technology support and computer repair services to Merseyside. 25 years’ service to local schools, charities, and organisations, improved understanding and appreciation of technology. Working with RNIB and responding to home queries from local residents, a need was realised to provide services to the door. Issues of impersonal services and taking big devices to shops are quite substantial.

We know what’s important when broken devices come our way. You want to know how these devices break and understand what’s been done to fix them. A quick fix to resume services after a technology meltdown. All this with competitive charges and competent computer repair services. When you choose PC Kings, we want you to notice the difference between other companies and our service. We pass over our technology skills with clear explanations of causes and steps to fix. Our aim is to help you understand your devices and problems.


About Company Ethos

All issues, no matter how big or small are all important with a friendly, jargon free approach. Service goals to provide best solutions for your needs, wallet and from the latest technology. Trust in our support as we will deliver the reliable services you expect.

We love what we do, and it shows in the computer repair services. Taking the stress out of your issues to return your devices and services working. Always looking to improve your devices & services on each request. Customer satisfaction, value for money and trust is core to the company’s ethos. Delivering a reliable service for you, to you.