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Simple competitive prices offering honest charges with no hidden fees or extras on top. Cheaper, more convenient and quicker than taking your devices to a shop.

Works and prices are agreed before repair commences with plenty of options to suit your needs and pocket

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With a majority of diagnosis & repairs completed within an hour, the basic cost is charged. Extensive repairs are discussed and prices agreed before we start. Quick turnaround of fixes is key to this service.Upgrades will involve diagnosis of devices and then suggestions given.  All available options discussed and prices agreed to suit your needs and your pocket.
+ cost of hardware+ cost of hardware
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Data RestoreMaintenance
Restore all of your important files, systems and software from broken USB drives or storage devices. within your PC, laptop, tablets or mobiles. Will also setup or advise on a reliable backup solution for you.Keep your devices working optimally with our maintenance services. All components of your systems analysed and suitable action taken to bring systems up to speed.
Basic RestorePer Device
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House CallRemote Sessions
House call rates provide a simple price plan to support visits on all of your technology. If fix time is estimated over 3 hours, devices are taken back to workshop and returned fixed. Price agreed with quick turnaround.When appropriate, remote sessions will offer quicker fixes without the need of a visit. Remote connection to your PC can be scheduled for your convenience. This is normally provided with a call to discuss the issues as the issue is fixed.
£25 – £40 – £55 (Total)£20 – £30 – £40 (Total)
1 hr – 2 hr – 3hr1 hr – 2 hr – 3hr