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Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance, Computer Repairs

Performing regular computer maintenance and computer repairs will keep your devices running at their best.  Your devices are less likely to fail and you can expect longer use from them.  Best performed annually or at regular times to fit in with you.  Just like an MOT for your computer, making devices run faster, more reliably and with much lower amount of faults developing. To ensure a good quality service, all parts of computer are checked and attached hardware can be tested.

Computer Maintenance tasks

  • Performance checks
  • Hardware tests
  • System and software updates
  • Security checks
  • Virus and malware free
  • Devices working optimally
  • Thermal paste refresh
  • System optimisation
  • Full clean inside and out

If issues found require further work, then you will be given a report with recommendations, advice and price to resolve them. Different options are given for any required work with recommended solutions to offer the best outcome.

Reports are provided to:

  • Highlight any issues
  • List work carried out
  • Advise of possible upgrades
  • Pass individual components as working correctly

Choose maintenance with annual support contracts or as a single service to keep devices running as they should.  These can be arranged around your busy schedules to make the process simple and effective.

Read this blog if your PC is currently slow. Maintenance is the cheapest and easiest form of maintaining fast computer services. Replacing computer equipment can be lengthy to resume services as it can be quite intrusive to resume and is not very planet friendly. Sometimes when computers become slow, the first assumption is to replace it with another newer one. This may certainly speed things up, but a much cheaper option would be to perform regular maintenance and keep your money for more imminent things.

To arrange a suitable time for these services, please use the online booking system to make an appointment.