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Tier 3 lockdown

With Merseyside and surrounding areas now on the highest Tier 3 restrictions, services can still be provided to households. Please ensure you read this page before making contact.  PC Kings are following daily guidance carefully to help towards your safety whilst providing repair services.

High hygiene levels, face coverings, distancing measures and limited contact will improve and respect personal safety.

Home visits are still offered providing that all members of the household:

  • have no symptoms of Covid-19
  • are not self-isolating or shielding
  • are not clinically vulnerable (70+ or with health conditions)

Items can be picked up outside properties or remote services will be given in these cases.

Services Available

All services are currently available so if you require remote services, home visits or pickup/drop offs, they can be arranged to your preference.

Home Visits

Following current government advice to provide a safe service, face coverings will be worn throughout the visit and contact with home surfaces and devices will be kept to a minimum.  At the start and end of a visit, sanitising gel will be used to improve hygiene levels. Devices will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes before and after contact.  Customers are asked to respect safe distancing measures.

Anyone visiting your premises will have the NHS Covid app installed on their phone to help for contact tracing.  We are following the guidance set out in the “Working Safely During Coronavirus” with particular attention to the advice in “Other People’s Homes.

Drop off/Pick up Services

Devices that are picked up or dropped off at the business address should be wiped down with a soapy damp/dry cloth and dried.
(take great care not to get any water into the device).

When devices are dropped off at customers premises, they will be similarly wiped down and returned.  You are advised to wipe them down again after delivery.

You will be updated on the progress of your devices and when to expect them back.  Once work is finished, contact will be made you for an ideal time to drop off your devices. 

Ideal payment will be bank transfer, but cash, cheque or card payments are still be available.

Daily reviews will continue, and updates will be posted on this page so please check this page before contacting PC Kings.

Please visit links below to help protect yourself and other members.





Be safe, healthy and happy during this difficult time.

Updated 14th October 2020.