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50th Anniversary of the Internet

Internet, ARPANET, University of California

50 years ago, today, the internet was founded as it was then in a test performed at the University of California, Los Angeles. On 29th October 1969, Professor Len Kleinrock and his team sent the first message over a network of computers which has evolved into the internet we know today. The message that was sent over the computer…

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National Cyber Security Awareness

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Play your part in keeping yours and everybody’s devices, data and accounts safe from criminals. Learn about the risks and preventative measures you can take to keep safe online. Visit these links and join the nation in building a safer online network.

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PC Slow? Follow this guide to save money…

Repair, Upgrade or Replace?   The common expression, “My computer is starting to show its age,” is what customers have said when presented with a device that’s slower than a Sloth.  It’s very common due to the amount of work, software and virus nasties we throw at them.  A gradual decrease in performance can develop so slowly over time,…

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Personal data safety. Are you safe?

Personal Data Safety

Is your personal data safe? With data protection laws changed last year to the new GDPR guidelines, companies follow these regulations to make data more secure whilst offering transparency to individual customers. But it’s sometimes the owner of the data revealing what they have to offer, online without realising it. Posting photos, videos and status updates are pretty much…

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The Internet Of Things & How it Will Affect Your Home

From hairbrushes, scales, toasters to fitness trackers & dog collars, consumer and industrial devices are having chips inserted into them to collect, communicate & manage data.  Currently, there is a push for energy devices such as boilers, electric/gas meters and lighting control being connected to the internet. Here’s everything you need to know about the increasingly connected world. What…

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