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Scroll through the information technology blogs and click any of the titles or pictures to read all about the topic. Some really useful tips, advice and information inside. End of the Road for Windows 7 14th January 2020 marks the end of Windows 7 a decade after its release. If you currently have Windows 7 installed it’s vital to…

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End of the Road for Windows 7

Windows 7 End of Life

Since it’s release back in July 2009, Windows 7 has been the Windows of choice over many homes and businesses. It’s simple and intuitive design has been a big hit with the public and private sectors but since the release of Windows 8 & 10, 7 was always destined to be left behind. The start of 2015 seen the…

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50th Anniversary of the Internet


50 years ago, today, the internet was founded in a test performed at the University of California, Los Angeles. On 29th October 1969, Professor Len Kleinrock and his team sent the first message over a network of computers. This first message sent over a network has evolved into the internet we know today. The message sent over the computer…

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National Cyber Security Awareness

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Play your part in keeping yours and everybody’s devices, data and accounts safe from criminals. Learn about the risks and preventative measures you can take to keep safe online. Visit these links and join the nation in building a safer online network. The National Cyber Security Awareness campaign was launched 16 years…

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PC Slow? Follow this guide to save money…

Computer slow, Repair, Upgrade, Replace

Repair, Upgrade or Replace? “My PC is slow and showing its age,” is what customers have said when presented with a PC that’s slow.  It’s very common due to the amount of work, software and virus nasties we throw at them.  A PC gradually becomes slow and performance decreases so slowly over time, we don’t notice how sluggish they…

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Personal Data Safety Are you Social Media savvy?

Personal Data Safety

Personal data safety! Personal data safety can be kill joy when we want to quickly post our favourite stuff online. You can reveal too much online without realising it. Posting photos, videos and status updates are pretty much part of life but there are few things you should be wary of to avoid costly losses, frustration or embarrassment. Holiday…

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The Internet Of Things & How it Will Affect Your Home

Internet of Things

From hairbrushes, scales, toasters to fitness trackers, consumer and industrial devices are becoming smarter to collect, communicate & manage data.  There is a push for energy devices such as boilers, electric/gas meters and lighting control being connected to the internet. Here’s everything you need to know about the increasingly connected world. What is the Internet of Things? Take the…

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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Hard Drive to SSD

Top reasons to upgrade your old hard drive to SSD. So what’s the hype about Solid State Drives (SSD) and the upgrade to SSD.  The hype is rightly deserved with the amount of improvement they can make to your old slow computers.  Think of it like replacing a DVD drive with a small USB pen drive.  Old mechanical hard…

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